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Goddess Journey: Bast June 18, 2017

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logoGoddess Journey: Bast

Intuitive COLLAGE Workshop for Women

Rosemary Court Yoga Studio, 810 Central Avenue, Sarasota

Saturday, July 1, 2017 from 2:00-5:00PM

You gather in circle, the rising quarter moon sharing the night sky with uncountable stars. An ornate alabaster jar is passed, and you anoint yourself with fragrant oil, calling on ‘she who protects,’ remembering that the only difference between a protector and a warrior is choice. You close your eyes then and become still, opening your arms wide so that you feel the power around you and revel in your own strength, the independence of your own heartbeat, and the wonder of the melody your circle of hearts create as one …

Come join us as we use the intuitive collage process, along with simple creative writing prompts, to call on Bast, she who protects, to guide us on a journey of independence, strength, and beauty … together.

Open Pricing *   Please pay generously and joy-fully, according to your means.

Advance registration is required. Let me know if you can attend. Hope to see you there!

End of the Road November 6, 2016

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End of the Road

by Linda Maree


End of the Road I

You have come to the end of the road. Behind you: the path and steps you’ve taken, in front of you: nothing. This is not a crossroads filled with choices, with numerous paths to follow. If you move from here, it will mean stepping into the unknown. Perhaps you will step off a cliff and into the abyss. Perhaps you will fall forever. Perhaps you will grow wings and fly. Perhaps a path will be created by your footsteps, leaving behind your prints for others to follow, so that the end of the road turns out to be not a finite point, but movable and malleable, a knotted rope of beaded ‘ends’ strung together to make something of nothing.


End of the Road II

You have come to the end of the road. You expected something more, but what you see all around you is so ordinary: tables, chairs, food, people. Piped-in music blasting from speakers in the ceiling, right over your head to judge by the strength of the vibrations you feel jolting you to attention. Ordinary. The end of the road is ordinary. A sunny day in a bright and noisy café. Nothing to indicate the end of anything, except your sense of it.


End of the Road III

You have come to the end of the road and here, just as you’d heard it would be, you discover a new beginning … along with a bucket full of hope, handfuls of strength, and a firm, feathery belief that takes flight, disappearing into a clear blue sky, carrying you, wingless, with it.

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