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Open Pricing Explained May 15, 2011

Posted by wimynspeak in Open Pricing.

Recently I read a story about the SAME Cafe. SAME stands for So All May Eat, and the cafe offers good healthy food regardless of ability to pay. In fact, there are no prices on the menu; diners get to decide what to pay for their meal. Those who can afford to pay more do so, and those who can’t, pay what they can. For example, one diner might pay $1 for a bowl of soup, another may choose to pay $50 for a bowl of the same. Gandhi’s quote about being the change you wish to see in the world came to mind as I was reading and I decided that if this was the world I wanted to live in, one in which all of our needs are met, with love and compassion and without judgments or strings attached, then I had to start being that.

The nurturance of our creative and intuitive abilities is essential – a need, not a luxury. I know this work does not fill the belly in the same way that a cafe, soup kitchen, or food pantry does, but it DOES feed the soul and can provide insights and creative ideas for dealing with “real world” challenges and issues. So . . . recognizing that some of us are richer in financial abundance than others, and counting on the innate generosity of human nature, I have decided to follow SAME’s example and offer Open Pricing for many of my services. This means that you get to decide what you will pay, based on the value of the services as well as what you can comfortably afford. I realize that this amount may change from month to month, even day-to-day, and it is my intention to work within this fluid system to provide excellent services that will nurture and support your intuitive/creative spirit.

Your generosity, while NOT tax-deductible, is very much appreciated and supports not only this work and your own creative process but also that of so many others who would not otherwise be able to participate.


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