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Indecision November 29, 2015

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A snake with two heads, one on either end of its long, slender body, slithered into the garden and stopped abruptly. “Which way should we go?” each head asked the other.

“Should we curl up under the cabbage over there?” said one.

“Or maybe settle in by the fence over there?” said the other.

Of course they could not agree, and set off in opposite directions, stretching the long, slender body to the point of nearly breaking in two.

“This way!”

“No, this way!”

Each tugged and pulled but neither would budge and so the snake, undecided and stubborn, went no where.

Seeing the dilemma as it unfolded, a sharp-eyed, opportunistic hawk swooped and made a hasty meal of the indecisive two-headed snake. But the snake was so contrary, it gave the hawk indigestion and he decided he preferred quiet, inquisitive mice, removing two-headed snakes from his diet and encouraging all of his closest friends to do the same.

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