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Still Following the Bee: Sweet Honey Rain September 2, 2016

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Honeycomb MoonIntuitive COLLAGE Workshop for Women

Saturday, September 17, from 2:00-5:00PM

Still Following the Bee: Sweet Honey Rain

The day it rains honey you are caught in the deluge, and as you close your eyes and lift your face to the sweetening clouds, you open your mouth and drink in the glistening golden drops. The honey rain coats your throat and you find yourself humming a tune that is at once familiar and yet unknown. The hum turns into a melody and the melody finds words, until you are singing the song that has been within you since the first beat of your heart. Now, it sings you into sweetness. You smile as you swallow the precious gift.

Come join us as we use the intuitive collage process as well as simple creative writing prompts to brew up a storm of Sweet Honey Rain and drink in the song of our soul, savoring the sweetness that sustains us.

Open Pricing *   Please pay generously, from your heart, according to your means.

Advance registration is required. Please let me know if you can join us!

Rosemary Court Yoga Studio, 810 Central Avenue, Sarasota

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